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What are income rules, and how can I manage them?

Income rules help you manage which deposits should have withholdings.

In the Ruby Money app, you can create an Income Rule to tell the app "always skip income like this deposit." This will allow you Ruby Money to ignore regular transfers, income from W2 sources, or other recurring deposits you don't want tracked with your freelance income.

Set an Income Rule

Set up an Income Rule next time you have a deposit to review in the app.

  1. From your Ruby Money dashboard, select "Skip" on the Recent Income card
  2. When the card flips over, select "Skip & create Income Rule"

This will create an Income Rule to exclude current and future transactions that match your deposit from all income and tax calculations.

View or Delete Income Rules

To view or delete Income Rules:

  1. Select the User Icon from your dashboard
  2. Select "Income Rules" to view your set rules
  3. To delete a rule, select the Trash Icon to the right of the deposit name