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  2. Linking Your Bank Account

I've connected my bank account, but my withholdings aren't working. What's going on?

We may need to look into this for you.

You may have hit a snag connecting your bank account if your bank doesn't allow the Plaid authorizations required for Ruby Money to work. This is pretty rare, as Plaid works with 99% of consumer and business checking accounts. Unfortunately, these policies are set at the bank level, not at the customer level, and we at Ruby Money can't change this.

Send us a message and we can confirm if that appears to be the issue. If so, you may want to switch banks–if that's an option–and we'd be happy to give you some recommendations that connect successfully via Plaid.

If you keep this bank account, you can still use our income tracking and estimated tax features, but we won't be able to set up autosave rules or make tax payments on your behalf with this bank account.