How do I manage tax payments made outside Ruby Money?

Use our Tax Payments tool to add, remove, and track all your tax payments.

You can add (and remove) state & federal tax payments made outside of the Ruby Money app with just a few taps. You can also use the Tax Payments to access receipts for payments within in the app. 

Follow our step-by-step instructions below to access, add, and remove tax payments. 

How to access Tax Payments

  • Select the user icon from your the dashboard
  • Select Tax Payments & Reports, then you can see all your tax payments in one place

How to add a Tax Payment

  • Select the plus icon on the Tax Payments screen to get started
  • Enter the information in the Add a tax payment screen, and select Add when you're ready to submit
  • You'll get a success message saying "Tax payment added" 
  • Then you can see your payment reflected in Tax Payments

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How to delete a Tax Payment

  • From the Tax Payments screen, swipe to the left on an external payment you'd like to remove
  • Once the trash can icon appears, select it to delete the payment


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