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How can I increase my solo business profits in one afternoon?

Introducing Ruby Money's new downloadable checklist that helps solopreneurs maximize their existing profits.

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It’s time to put profits in their place.

You know you should be taking a more active approach to managing your business finances.

Maybe you already have a spreadsheet and a business bank account, or a CPA who bugs you quarterly for your receipts. But as much as you love the work you do, you still fear taking a hard look at your business accounting, especially when it comes to taxes and, gulp, retirement. 

When you realize all the things you just don’t know about this part of running a business, the varying advice coming your way from every direction feels less like help and more like a huge burden on you every quarter. 

What if we told you that Ruby Money had a quick checklist to take the fear and uncertainty out of managing your solopreneur finances?

It's not just possible, but fast and easy to take back control, increase your profits, and put your systems on autopilot so you never have to worry again.

Together, we’ll use new systems built just for solopreneurs to push past your fears, support you in building a better business, and increase your bottom line. 

This quick and easy checklist walks you through the 4 things every solopreneur should do at the end of the calendar year to increase profits and maintain a stress-free big picture of the financial side of their business. 

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How To Use This Guide

Have your books available. Whatever you use, and however you’ve been tracking things, you’ll need those records to review as you work through these brief action items. We’re going to be with you every step of the way examining things from a new perspective, so if opening that Excel file usually causes panic to bubble up for you, hang in there–it will be different this time!

Set aside a short window of time. You can spend as little as 15 minutes or as much as a dedicated afternoon on this process, depending on your business specifics and how much time you have to invest.

Check items off as you go. Then, enjoy your increased bottom line and a well deserved break!