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Can I send money to my retirement account directly?

You've got options for how to transfer money from Ruby Money to your retirement brokerage accounts.

As far as withdrawing your retirement/tax account funds, you have two options for how to transfer money out of Ruby Money to your SEP IRA or other retirement/savings account:

Add Ruby Money as a funding source directly within your other financial institution

  1. Log into your other financial institution account (like fidelity.com or vanguard.com), and find where you can manage the accounts you use for transfers. This may be called "manage external accounts" or "add accounts" within a Transfer menu.
  2. You'll likely have one or two options for how to connect with external accounts:
    1. With Plaid
      1. Search for Ruby Money the Plaid window that appears
      2. Follow the prompts to log into Ruby Money
    2. With Account and Routing Numbers
      1. To find your account & routing numbers in the Ruby Money app, go to the User Icon in the upper right corner, then scroll down and tap on "Account Information

Once these accounts are connected, you should be able to easily initiate transfers via your financial institution's website

From the Ruby app, via your linked account

  1. On your Ruby Money dashboard, select "Withdraw" from your Retirement account to transfer the funds into your linked bank account.
  2. Once they've cleared, transfer the funds from your linked bank account to your new SEP IRA.
As Ruby grows, we'll explore ways to automate or enhance these transfers, too, to make saving as easy as possible.